Yes! Imperial Security & Wiring, Inc. maintains both a "Specialty Fire Alarm and Low Voltage License" (SP.FA/LV 32522), as well as an Alarm Systems License (1632-CSA).

The state of North Carolina allows you to personally complete your own wiring in your home, as long as you will be residing in the home for a minimum of one year after electrical installation is completed.

However, any contractor conducting business in the electrical field or alarm field must maintain a Specialty Fire Alarm/Low Voltage License (SP.FA/LV) issued by the state of NC and an Alarm License issued by the state of NC and the ASLB. (Alarm Systems Include: Burglar Alarms, Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, etc).

Why do licenses matter? In NC, only 33% of electrical contractors pass the electical exam (a 70% is required to pass). Using an unlicensed contractor means using someone the state does not have confidence in their ability to perform work safely, legally and correctly. You may be liable for any issues that arrise when using unlicensed work.

NC performs background checks for all alarm system installers. Using an unlicensed alarm installer means that they have NOT passed a background check performed by NC. If they don't trust your contactor, why should you?

Imperial Security and Wiring offers all of our customers a limited lifetime on all wiring we install.

Yes, we are fully insured in accordance with North Carolina state law and applicable licenses.

Imperial Security and Wiring has been proudly serving the Southeast for over 15 years.

No, we are a full-service technology contractor, and install everything from security systems to surround sound. We make our clients' technology visions a reality.

"Safe and Sound" is our motto. As a licensed alarm company, we follow all state laws and perform the required background checks. More than that, our staff is drug-free and smoke-free.


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