Whole House Audio


Whole House Audio Services Include:


HD stereo systems

Speakers (wired and wireless; in-ceiling and in-wall, indoor and outdoor)

Single source, single zone

Single source, multiple zone

Multiple source, multiple zone

…and more!


Imagine all of your family’s favorite music available in a single system that is accessible anywhere in the house. You can select and listen to your favorite music while working, playing, or relaxing. Investing in an affordable whole house audio system will provide an immediate impact as your friends and family walk through the front door.

Advantages of whole house audio include:

  • Whole house audio can be distributed throughout your home with wired or wireless connections; however, most people consider prewiring in the main room of their house or theater.

  • Whole house audio allows high-quality stereo music to be delivered throughout your entire home or to specific areas of your home. 

  • Each audio system is customized, designed, and installed for our clients based on their family’s individual needs.

  • Whole house audio can access CDs, iPods, AM/FM radio, Sirius/XM radio, and Internet sources like Pandora, Spotify, and many more.

  • Users have full access and control of the music they want to hear on the interface they prefer, such as tablets and smartphones. 

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Designing Your Whole House Audio with Imperial

Imperial is dedicated to making your home audio dreams come to life. We work closely with our clients to get them the best audio system for their budget. Contact Imperial today to discuss your audio needs, and we will work with you to design a system that is perfect for you and your family!


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