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Large screen TVs



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Do you love going to the movies and wish you could have a similar experience at home? A home theater system or media room can offer your family a realistic cinematic experience.

Home theater or media room? How to choose:

  • Dedicated home theaters– A typical home theater consists of a dedicated room in your home—separate from the rest of the house—that can play movies, TV shows, sporting events, and video games. Home theaters can have soundproofing added for maximum acoustics from your sound system, and dedicated seating to the comfort of your liking. If you dream about cozy movie showtimes with your family with no interruptions, a dedicated home theater is a perfect fit.

  • Media rooms– A media room is a room in your home that is part of the open concept design. It is perfect for socializing with your guests while a sporting event is being watched and it isn’t divided from the rest of your home. Many parents prefer a media room so they can cook or clean while also keeping an eye on their family. If you imagine watching sporting events with friends and still socializing as you prepare a meal in your kitchen, a media room will bring that dream to life.

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Whether you envision a large flat screen television with a projector or simply adding surround sound to your family room, Imperial will be there to plan, design, and install your home theater and media room.


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