Smart Home Automation 


What types of systems can be automated?

Security Systems (including doors, windows, locks, cameras, etc.)

Heating and Cooling systems



Electrical outlets

Fire protection

Sound systems

…and more!


Do you wish your home could be as intelligent as you are? With Smart Home Automation, you can control devices in your home from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in the world. When Smart Home Automation is set up in your home, any devices that are on the home network can be programmed and scheduled based on your family’s needs.

Advantages for Smart Home Automation include:

  • Safety – Are you out of town but unsure if you turned on the security system? With Smart Home Automation, you can verify if you turned on the house alarm from your mobile phone.

  • Energy efficiency – With Smart Home Automation, you can control when lights are turned on or off, or when the heating and cooling systems are needed.

  • Cost Savings – Being able to automatically set schedules for lighting, heating and cooling, appliances, and more can reduce your electrical bill because you will only use them when you need them.

  • Protection – While away on vacation, you can be alerted if there are unsafe conditions at home such as fire, carbon monoxide leak, water damage, or a freeze warning.

  • Convenience – No one likes coming home to a dark house. With a touch of a button, you can turn on lights before you arrive!

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Creating Your Smart Home with Imperial

At Imperial, we work closely with our clients to customize their systems so they are safer, use less energy, and are easy to use. We work with anyone’s budget, no matter if you plan to start out small or go big with your Smart Home Automation dreams. There are affordable options for all homeowners. Smart Home Automation can be designed in phases, starting with installing the correct wiring to your home and adding additional features in the future.


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