Other Features & Systems


Other Features & Systems

Central Vacuum

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Do you get tired of seeing dust all over your floors, but get tired at the thought of vacuuming? Or what about shouting across the house to ask your spouse or kids a question? There are options that can be added to your home to improve your daily activities, such as a central vacuum or intercom system. 

Enhancing the Technology in Your Home:

  • Central Vacuum – A central vacuum provides you with better air quality in your home and it performs better than canister or upright vacuum cleaners. Plus, they keep your home cleaner on a daily basis and can extend the life of your carpet. 

  • Intercom Systems – An intercom system provides you with direct access to other members of your family when they are across your home. An intercom allows you to communicate freely without shouting across the house or stopping what you are doing to go talk to the person in another room. 

  • Outdoor AV and Lighting – Many clients enjoy having a backyard that they can show off to their friends and family. When you add outdoor audio or video, as well as specific lighting to highlight your backyard’s best features, it can make an amazing impression and add value to your home!

  • Gate Control and Security – To enhance security around your property, gate control and security allows you to see who is at your gate and requires approval before they step foot anywhere near your home. 

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